Ackerman Hall: A Sustainable Triumph with FilterPave

Ackerman Hall, a groundbreaking residence hall at Western Oregon University, stands as a beacon of sustainable construction. Its achievement of LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council sets a new standard for environmentally conscious architecture. Let’s delve into the remarkable features that make Ackerman Hall a model of sustainable living.

Project Overview

1. LEED Platinum Certification

  • Ackerman Hall’s LEED Platinum status is a testament to its commitment to sustainability. With 53 points earned (surpassing the required minimum of 52), this residence hall exemplifies excellence in green building practices.
  • The FilterPave porous paving system plays a pivotal role in achieving this certification.

2. FilterPave: The Sustainable Pathway Solution

  • FilterPave, a revolutionary porous pavement system, graces Ackerman Hall’s concourse. Here’s why it matters:
    • High Porosity: The FilterPave pathways mimic pools of rainwater, allowing efficient water infiltration. Rainwater becomes an ally, not a nuisance.
    • ADA Compliance: These pathways are accessible to all, ensuring inclusivity.
    • Visual Appeal: FilterPave’s aesthetic options, such as the Glass Series Amber Brown, enhance the overall ambiance.
    • Eco-Friendly Binder: The proprietary two-part binder ensures durability while minimizing environmental impact.

3. Beyond FilterPave: Sustainable Amenities

  • Ackerman Hall’s commitment extends beyond pathways:
    • Rainwater Harvest System: Collected rainwater is repurposed for flushing toilets, reducing water consumption.
    • Solar Panels and Heat Ducts: Renewable energy sources heat both air and water.
    • Occupancy Sensors: Lights automatically switch off in unoccupied rooms, conserving energy.
    • Low-Flow Water Devices: Restrooms feature water-saving fixtures.
    • Repurposed Wood: The building incorporates wood salvaged from trees removed during construction.

4. Impressive Results

  • In its inaugural year, Ackerman Hall achieved remarkable savings:
    • Water Efficiency: A staggering 75 percent less water usage compared to conventional buildings.
    • Energy Conservation: A commendable 35 percent less electricity consumed.

Ackerman Hall stands as a testament to sustainable innovation. With FilterPave leading the way, it harmonizes environmental responsibility with modern living. As students walk its pathways, they tread lightly on the Earth, leaving a legacy of conscious stewardship.

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