Filterpave Porous Pavement System

Discover FilterPave: The Pinnacle of Porous Pavement Technology

At FilterPave, we pride ourselves on pioneering the forefront of eco-friendly pavement solutions. Our collaboration with BASF has yielded the most sophisticated poly-bound porous pavement system to date, holding joint patents that underscore our commitment to innovation and excellence.

The Essence of FilterPave Our product is the epitome of ecological sensitivity fused with high-performance durability. By integrating a specially formulated binder with meticulously selected aggregates, we’ve crafted not just a pavement, but a statement of sustainability and style. Suitable for both pedestrian walkways and light vehicle parking, FilterPave offers a spectrum of natural stone hues, enriched by recycled glass and custom pigments for a bespoke aesthetic experience.

FilterPave Glass Series: A Mosaic of Sustainability Comprising 40% post-consumer recycled glass and 60% locally sourced stone, the Glass Series is a testament to our sustainable ethos. This proprietary blend, bound by BASF’s innovative pigmented binder, creates a vibrant, reflective surface that’s as resilient as it is radiant. Designed for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic, the Glass Series invites you to redefine spaces with a palette of possibilities.

FilterPave Stone Series: The Natural Choice Embrace the robust elegance of granite with the Stone Series, which can incorporate up to 20% recycled glass, enhancing its environmental credentials. This series offers a pervious pavement solution that withstands both pedestrian and vehicular pressures, while its reflective, varied hues of natural stone bring a rich, earthy dimension to your landscape.

Environmental Impact and Benefits

  • Stormwater Management: With a porosity rate of 38%-48%, FilterPave significantly curtails stormwater runoff, outperforming other porous pavements and reducing maintenance.
  • Resource Conservation: Embracing recycled materials, FilterPave transforms what would be waste into functional beauty, utilizing approximately 40 beverage bottles per square foot of pavement.
  • LEED Certification: Our pavements are designed to contribute to LEED credits, supporting your green building initiatives.
  • Heat Island Mitigation: With a Solar Reflective Index of 29, FilterPave effectively diminishes the urban heat island effect.
  • Low Impact Development: As part of a comprehensive low impact development strategy, FilterPave aligns with sustainable urban planning.

FilterPave is more than a product—it’s a promise to the planet, pairing unparalleled aesthetics with an unwavering dedication to the environment.

Available Colors:

porous paving
Due to variations in color mix of recycled glass or natural stone minerals which are mined directly from the earth, a possibility of slight color differences and particulate concentrations may cause minor disparities. These changes add to the distinct and authentic look of FILTERPAVE porous paving system. Please refer to the Product Specifications for more information.

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