Eco-Elegance Defined – Revision House, Las Vegas, Nevada

When the Department of Energy and Green Builder Media joined forces to rejuvenate a glamorous 1963 mid-century modern home in Las Vegas, they sought a sustainable “facelift.” The solution? FilterPave—an eco-elegant porous pavement that seamlessly blends aesthetics with environmental consciousness.

Las Vegas: A Dual Challenge

Las Vegas faces a unique duality. As Ground Zero for the U.S. housing and foreclosure crisis, it also grapples with an increasingly scarce supply of fresh water. In their 2010 Revision Las Vegas retrofit demonstration project, the Department of Energy and Green Builder Media tackled both issues head-on, selecting FilterPave as the ideal pavement solution.

Transforming a Mid-Century Relic

The project aimed to transform a mid-20th century architectural relic into a showcase of present-day sustainable remodeling practices. The existing hardscaping—a circular concrete driveway—told a weathered tale. Years of desert sun and cooler nights had taken their toll, leaving cracks and erosion.

FilterPave: The Smart Choice

FilterPave stepped in as the eco-elegant alternative. Here’s why it shines:

  1. Highly Porous: FilterPave boasts twice the porosity of competing systems, allowing stormwater to trickle back into the ground without erosion or gullies.
  2. Colorful Freedom: With options like the Glass Series in Sapphire Blue and the FilterPave Stone series (using 3/4 inch granite aggregate), designers can create visually stunning patterns that complement the home’s turquoise color palette.
  3. Urban Heat Island Mitigation: FilterPave’s Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of 29 helps combat the heat island effect, keeping the surroundings cooler.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Made from 100% recycled glass and locally sourced aggregates, FilterPave contributes to sustainability goals and can even help achieve LEED® credits.

Bill Bennett’s Vision

Landscape designer Bill Bennett played a crucial role. He replaced the cracked circular driveway with a straight drive into the carport, flanked by FilterPave pervious steps, driveway, and walking paths. The geometric patterns echoed the mid-century architectural theme, seamlessly integrating with the home’s design.

A Welcoming Result

Since installation in 2010, the FilterPave pervious paving system has performed admirably. Stormwater flows naturally, and the pavement remains resilient against weather extremes. Visitors now feel at home, even the precious desert rain.

In summary, FilterPave isn’t just pavement—it’s a sustainable statement that marries elegance with environmental responsibility. Las Vegas, once doubly challenged, now showcases a harmonious blend of beauty and practicality.

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